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About Us

I am excited to share  my experiences and knowledges which I gained in desigining departments of exporter companies, during my working career for 15 years
I graduaded from the University.


My Works are used in international companies as: Beverly Hills Polo Club, Genesis Sports Haft, Sarar, Sarev and Anteks
Our services are: to supply embroidery design for textile companies, produce  polo t-shirt in limited quantities ,making speacial products as presents to  celebrate your meaningful days. Making t-shirts with your club’s logo.


Create artistic drawings which you want to use in your decocation of houses. Since we know the difficulties of the sector we  want to succeed and standartise the quality ,from the beginning of this business. We want to make the ‘couldnt be done and hasnt been happened’ sentences disposed from export.


Our challenges are quality as always, best service, keeping the lead times, reasonable prices and working in a friendly way


Nazkan Desen Nakiş that works with principles of success, sustainability, honesty and quality in production, thanks for your supports  Nazkan Desen Nakiş may give services today and for many years too
Best regards,